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Reduce air infiltration. Cut construction costs. Meet your current or future energy efficiency targets - with New England Waterproofing. Here in New England Waterproofing we support sustainable buildings using the new generation technology products to respond to all your waterproofing needs.

For our residential customers looking to reduce construction costs and to build a drier, more comfortable and energy-efficient living environment we offer Enviro-Dri Weather-Resistant Barrier System by Tremco. Enviro-Dri Barrier System is a more effective alternative to traditional housewraps in protecting your home against
/ Liquid moisture intrusion
/ Uncontrolled air exchanges
/ Trapped moisture vapor

The Enviro-Dri System cuts air infiltrations helping you reach your energy efficiency goals at lower costs. Whether your home is brick, stone, stucco, wood or other siding, the Enviro-Dri System is not affected by the surfactants that can diminish the performance of wraps. The fluid-applied Enviro-Dri System is installed directly to the sheathing system. There are no nails, no staples, no penetrations through which water can seep.



Just how effective is the Enviro-Dri Weather-Resistant Barrier System at preventing air infiltration?
Side-by-side lab tests were conducted to compare the performance of the Enviro-Dri WRB System to typical house wraps, installed per manufacturer's instructions, in the critical measure of air movement through a wall system. At pressures equivalent to a 25 MPH wind-load, the Enviro-Dri WRB System was 88% more effective in stopping the flow of air through the wall system! At even greater wind pressures, the Enviro-Dri WRB System performed up to 97% better than mechanicaly-fastened and taped housewrap!

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