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//Foundation Coatings for houses, additions, dig-ups and retaining walls//
Tuff-N-Dri Spray-applied elastomeric, monolithic membrane. Made by Tremco Barrier Solutions, it is North America's most widely used residential waterproofing membrane.

Warm-N-Dri Rigid fiberglass insulation, drainage and protection board.

Watchdog Spray-applied elastomeric, monolithic membrane; 40-mils, economically priced and a BIG step up from damproofing.

Tuff-N-Dri Systems A combination of the Tuff-N-Dri membrane and Warm-N-Dri fiberglass board (R-5 and R-10). This system comes with a manufacturer's 30-year performance warranty, the best in the business.

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//Below-grade Foundation Coatings//
Tremco Vulkem 250GC One-part urethane - fluid-applied.
Tremco 260 Spray-applied.
W.R. Grace Procor75 Vulcanized rubber membrane - spray-applied.
W.R. Grace Bituthene 3000/4000 Sheet.
Carlisle (CCW) 860 Sheet.
Carlisle (CCW) Barricoat Spray-applied.
Karnak / Henry Damproofing.
W.R. Grace Preprufe Blindside waterproofing


Epoxies. Sika / Emecole / Polygem