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With increasing support from local goverment, building owners and design professionals, greenroofs construction techniques have shown that these structures improve the operating efficiency of a building, they can also contribute to the health of the environment. Modern green roofs were made possible by advances in membrane and waterproofing materials.
Greenroofs are great insulators. The natural insulation properties of the vegetation and growing media can reduce energy demand by lowering a building's cooling costs in the summer months and heating costs in the winter months.


Replacing the impervious surface of a conventional roof with a greenroof can substantially reduce storm water runoff and help to restore the balance with nature in our cities.

/ Storm water retention and management
/ Reduce energy consumption
/ Reduce urban heat island effect
/ Improved air quality
/ Waterproofing membrane protection
/ Improved sound insulation
/ Aesthetic and use of space
/ LEED points
/ Natural habitat creation


/ Increase roof life span dramatically
/ Increase real estate value

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