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Between NEW ENGLAND WATERPROOFING and its CRACK-X division, we are your one stop waterproofing shop. Since 1985, CRACK-X has welded thousands of cracks using epoxy injection technology with V.V.A. /Variable Viscosity Adjustment/.

Foundation wall and floor cracks occur for a variety of reasons. Poured concrete foundations can crack due to settlement, shrinkage, frost heaves, blasting, heavy equipment traffic or accidental collision.

Since inception CRACK-X has preferred the use of the epoxy injection process of crack welding. Though more labor intensive than the injection of single component urethanes, it serves as a structural weld causing the structure to become monolithic (a single, continuous structure) which is the way it was designed to be. While our unconditional, transferable warranty is 10 years for most jobs, this repair is considered to be permanent.

For more information about our CRACK-X division and its waterproofing services visit company’s website.

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