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Reduce air infiltration. Cut construction costs. Meet your current or future energy efficiency targets - with New England Waterproofing You need a solution for your building envelope that meets updated codes, works into your production schedule and fits in the budget. As experienced, versatile ABAA (Air Barrier Association of America) certified air and vapor barrier installers, we are available to satisfy all your air and vapor barrier requirements. We install sheet, fluid-applied, spray-applied and cementitious products from: Carlisle, Henry, Tremco, W.R. Grace, Prosoco, Tyvek Liquid, 3M, Dow, GE.

If your job is commercial, a school, institutional, multi-unit / multi-building residential, or even high-end residential, partner with us as a trusted subcontractor.


NEW ENGLAND WATERPROOFING's Commercial Division offers comprehensive vapor-permeable and vapor-retarding air barrier systems formulated for compatibility, including engineered transitions to ensure continuity at critical terminations and connections.

Air barriers control the unintended movement of air into and out of a building enclosure. A building enclosure includes all 'six sides' of a building - exterior walls, roof and foundation floor - and may also include separations within the structure. An air barrier system essentially wraps the building shell and protects the building from the effect of air leakage.

/ Fluid Applied Membranes
/ Sheet Membranes
/ Non Vapor Permeable
/ Vapor Permeable
Walls, joint and seam treatment, window and roof transitions, roof tie ins.

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NEW ENGLAND WATERPROOFING's Residential Division presents a more effective alternative to housewrap - new generation weather-resistant barrier system, EnviroDri by Tremco Barrier Systems. Weather Resistant Barriers are now part of our repertoire to assist in passing the new residential ACH code requirements. Give us a call to see how we can help you move your project forward.

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